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Finding value in all encounters

Xtra creates various encounters through its services and strives to make all of them worthwhile.


Connecting value from around the world

The value we define is not only that of deliverables such as a translation. We provide opportunities to create new value by connecting people and goods for the first time through our services. We seek to extend beyond borders and optimally link value from around the world.


Continuous Self-improvement

We at Xtra always seek to move forward and create new value by imagining and cultivating the very best versions of ourselves.

Embracing Diversity

Xtra's services are used by people all over the world. Their ways of thinking and values may vary according to factors such as country, region, religion, culture, and gender. Approaching all encounters with an attitude of openness leads to the growth of our services and our company.

Seeking Simplicity

We at Xtra value simplicity. The more complicated, and the more alternatives, the more lost something can become. To create services usable by people around the world, it is necessary to make them straightforward and easy to understand.

Enjoying Life

Xtra aims to be a company where it is enjoyable to work every day. We want our people to be excited about our services and enjoy providing them. We aim to offer services that users around the world feel excited to use every day.