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Director Profiles

Hirokazu Ikezawa

Chief Executive Officer

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Hirokazu Ikezawa was born in Fukui Prefecture in 1981.

After graduating from the Acoustic Design Department, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University, he served as the director of the art gallery Mitsubishi-jisho Artium in Fukuoka City.

Based on the principle of "Transmitting various artistic expressions without being bound by established reputations or genres," he was in charge of planning exhibitions centering on modern artists, such as Makoto Azuma, Asami Kiyokawa, Hideki Inaba, Makoto Tanijiri, Naoki Honjo, Mamoru Fujieda, and Janaina Tschape. He also co-authored the records of the 2010 exhibition, "Tale of Tales — Yury Norshtein and Francheska Yarbusova."

Hirokazu collaborated with various artists to launch local arts projects in Fukuoka City including the Art Space (Kyu-Ohga-AP Studio) and the "Haruyoshi Art Survival" event. He also coordinated the visits of foreign Artists and wrote a series of articles on the arts in the magazine "Kyushu Walker."

In 2010, he joined Apollo Planning, Inc. and engaged in design planning, project coordination, and production management. While he was in charge of web projects and online marketing, he was involved in the launch of product brands, regional branding projects, the operation of commercial facility campaign sites, and campaigns using mascot characters.

Since 2014, Hirokazu has served as a university lecturer. He strives to make his classes interesting for students by using frameworks such as Design Thinking and Sprints. Students learn to work through the process of ideation through to project design.

In 2017, he co-founded IRIS, a social venture focused on LGBT real estate issues and engaged in the launch of an LGBT-friendly share house. In addition, as an LGBT project, Hirokazu participated in the 100BANCH accelerator program (powered by Panasonic Corporation, Loftwork Inc., and Cafe Company Inc.) which aims to facilitate the creation of new value by the upcoming generation to guide the next 100 years. Furthermore, under the mentorship of Ken HASEBE, Mayor of Shibuya City, he participated in various activities including the "Japan Dilemma 2018 New Year Special" aired on NHK.

Since joining Xtra (formerly anydooR) in 2016, Hirokazu has engaged in operations and enterprise sales, centering on proposing solutions that utilize crowdsourced resources. He was appointed CEO of the firm in June 2021.

Yoshiki Nakama

Chief Financial Officer


Yoshiki Nakama was born in Okinawa Prefecture in 1974.

He graduated from Hozen High School in 1993. Although he took the information processing course to learn programming, he was fascinated by bookkeeping and passed the exam of Nissho bookkeeping Grade 2.

He studied in Ohara Bookkeeping College and passed the exam of Nissho bookkeeping Grade 1 as well as the Zenkei Jokyu exam before graduating from the College in 1995.

After graduating, he gained experience in areas other than accounting to broaden his view.


He was invited to work at the debt collecting section of GMO Internet, Inc. during his job interview and joined the company in 2003 although he applied for a job at the customer support section.

In 2004, he was transferred to GMO CLOUD K.K. along with the debt collecting section.

In 2005, he was invited by the finance department which had a job vacancy and he handled mainly finance operations.


In 2007, he applied for the administration post of a newly established subsidiary, GMO Quick Translate (formerly Global Web Co. Ltd) and engaged in finance operations and administrative accounting.

At the same time, he learnt Access program by himself and created an office administration tool for comprehensive ledger management including customers and money, which served as an infrastructure of GMO Quick Translate.


In 2017, he had to make a tough choice when sell-off of GMO Quick Translate was discussed. There were two options; whether he engages in administrative accounting at GMO Cloud KK or stays in GMO Quick Translate as a member of Rozetta group. Then, he decided to stay believing in the future of Rozetta.

In 2019, Quick Translate merged with anydooR and he engaged in finance operations at Xtra. 

He was appointed CFO of the firm in June 2020.


​Hiroshi Hasegawa

Chief Operating Officer


Hiroshi Hasegawa was born in Kyoto Prefecture in 1965

At the age of 23, he moved to Tokyo and joined a software company.
He worked on the development of financial software and the maintenance of supercomputers.
At the age of 29, he moved to a human resource development company, where he worked as a performance consultant under the philosophy of “helping people and organizations reach their full potential”. He was also responsible for the sales team. He had worked for human resource development-related companies for 23 years.

After that, he worked for a company that provides a mechanism for effectively utilizing human resources, finding human resources, and placing the right person in the right position within an organization (talent management system) .

He joined Xtra in September 2021. Works as the department head of the Solutions Team, which utilizes crowdsourcing resources.
He was appointed COO of the firm in June 2022.

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