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Corporate Profile

Company Name:

Representative Director:


Xtra, Inc. (in Japanese: Xtra株式会社)

Hirokazu Ikezawa

#204 Tenshou Kanda Ekimae Building
3-7-21 Kandakajicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0045, Japan


February 9, 2009

Paid-in Capital:

62.97 million yen

Major Shareholder:

MetaReal Corp.

Business Activities:

  • Operation and management of Conyac, an online crowdsourcing platform facilitating the outsourcing of a broad range of tasks to freelancers worldwide.

  • Operation and management of QuickTranslate, an online crowdsourcing platform facilitating the outsourcing of specialized translation jobs to freelance professionals.

  • Operation and management of AI-powered machine translation service, Qlingo, and boundy

Corporate History:

  • Feb. 2009: Established as anydooR, Inc.

  • May 2009: Launched "Conyac" crowdsourcing service

  • Feb. 2013: Launched "Conyac for Business," targeting enterprise clients

  • Mar. 2014: Launched ReShare, a web application enabling creation, sharing, and consumption of 240-character summaries of foreign language articles in Japanese.

  • Feb. 2015: Launched "Conyac Marketplace"

  • Sep. 2016: Acquired by Rozetta, Inc. and became a wholly owned subsidiary

  • Mar. 2019: Merged with QuickTranslate, Inc. and changed the company name to "Xtra, Inc."

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