Real-time Text-based Translation of Audio Conversations
Smooth, Comfortable Web Conferencing with Overseas Parties
Free Demonstration Available
What is Onyaku?

It is a tool that is not only able to recognize audio conversations in web conferences and face-to-face meetings, but also transcribe and translate them in real time.

It can show audio conversations as chat conversations in real time and save conversation logs as texts. You will be able to verify everything at a glance - the time, speaker, contents of the speech and translation outcome.

Unique Features of Onyaku




Recognizes voices in conversations and displays them in chat format 

Even for low-quality audio input, the text can be confirmed in real time, and recognition and sharing among participants can be done smoothly.


Real-time Translation in More Than 100 Languages

You can use it not just for web conferencing, but also for transcribing audio files such as mp3.


Automatic Saving of Conversation Logs as Text

All the conversation logs will be saved as texts, so you will be able to verify the time, speaker, contents of the speech and translation outcome at a glance.


Simple to Install and Easy to Use

An independent application that you only need to install in your PC or smartphone. No need for cumbersome linkages with web-conferencing systems.

Leveraging Onyaku

1. Enhance Productivity of Web Conferences with Overseas Parties

Interpreter arrangements and schedules of employees with necessary language skills will no longer affect web conferences with overseas parties. Meeting time will be shortened as instant comprehension can be achieved.

2. Eliminate the Hassle of Taking Minutes 

Accurate minutes can be easily created by utilizing the conversation log that records everything, including the time, speaker, and contents of the speech.

3. Transcribe Audio Files

If you use it to transcribe audio data that is recorded in a language that is not your forte, you can easily understand the contents and generate reports. Of course, it can also be used for transcription in Japanese.

4. Support Hearing-Impaired People

All conversations are converted into text, so it facilitates the sharing of information with hearing-impaired participants of the meeting.

Product Lineup

'Onyaku' Desktop Version


Just launch it at the same time with web conferencing systems such as Zoom or Teams. No system linkage is required. *Compatible with Windows 10.

'Onyaku' Mobile Version


Just launch the app on your smartphone during the web conference. Useful for instances when you cannot use 'Onyaku' on your PC. *Android version/iOS version (under development)

Free Demonstration Available